Hello, I am Karey. from Knoxville, Tennessee. Though I grew up in the South, to most I've lost my regional accent after many moves., but I still adamantly believe "y'all" is an efficient and necessary clarification of the plural "you."

In 2003, I left home to study architecture at the University of Virginia., where I enjoyed designing kinetic systems and physical interactions. I also learned how to code and took my first trip abroad., but I no longer knew what I wanted to be, yet instead knew there was a lot I wanted to see.

Following graduation, I initially worked for various professors. as an architectural assistant and digital designer., further developing my passion for technology. while also contemplating a gap year. Pun intended.

In early 2008, I left for Australia on a one-way ticket and with no particular agenda, or money., but quickly found myself waiting tables (and playing poker) at a remote resort in Tasmania. I spent a total of nine months traveling around six countries. While in Asia, I was joined by my college boyfriend, now husband, who I eventually followed back to States. Excellent decision.

We lived in DC, technically Northern Virginia, and had a great view, for four years. During this time I primarily freelanced interactive design and front-end development, while also working part-time for the Kennedy Center, where I was informally introduced to User Experience.

In the fall of 2012, I moved to UmeƄ in northern Sweden to pursue an MFA in Interaction Design to formally expand my user-centered design knowledge while working on a variety of projects within a range of subjects from Human-Computer Interaction to Service Design to Experience Prototyping to Design Fiction. Those two years were all work and no play, just kidding, preparing me an exciting new career.

Last summer I moved to London, but my lack of a pre-existing work visa complicated my job search, which means I've been unemployedunemployed funemployed for the past eight months, both exploring England and enjoying endless events in London. Random note: I absurdly appreciate alliterations.

I've greatly enjoyed attending design meetups, development conferences, fabrication workshops, and miscellaneous lectures. My favorites being the IxDA local chapter meetups, The Great Recovery's circular economy events, and Hardware'ish Coffee Mornings. I've also been working on a few personal projects, which I sometimes refer to as self-centered design.

But I'm most excited about something new, working for Zebra, designing meaningful solutions and strategic interactions as part of an innovative team. I look forward to working with, learning from, and getting to know each of you. you y'all.

More? What is least surprising from those who know me best, and shocking to those who know me least... I was married by Elvis.